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Ultimate Stadium Sak

Navy Stadium Sak

Navy Stadium Sak

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Introducing YOUR Secret Game Day MVP!

Picture this: It's game day, and you're not just a sports fan; you're a superhero of support. Decked out in team colors, game face beaming, and armed with your trusty Stadium Sak, you're ready to conquer the stands.

But this isn't just any bag; it's your game day sidekick. As you claim your seat in the stands, your Stadium Sak swoops in to save the day. It keeps you WARM, dry, and hands-free, so you can unleash your cheers without a care in the world.

Touchdowns, home runs, goals - you're on top of it all, thanks to the Ultimate Stadium Sak keeping you organized and ready for every game-changing moment.

Whether it's a playoffs or a weekend filled with epic matchups, the Stadium Sak is your secret weapon. With it, you're the sports fan who brings the party, the energy, and the unforgettable memories. So, get ready to unleash your game day superpowers because with the Black Stadium Sak, you're the real MVP. Game on! 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Talk of the Softball field!

    We had some cool weather come through and I was able to use my stadium sak for the first time since purchasing at my sister’s softball game. When I first put it on, EVERYONE was asking what it was and talking about now nice it was and how jealous they were because it was so cold! One lady even pointed it out to her friend when they walked over, and at the end of the game, multiple people from the other fields walked over and asked me about it. Kept me warm the whole time, didn’t even need to use my spare blanket.

    My ONLY complaint is that I wish it had sleeves (potentially even removable/zip off ones). Had to wear a thicker jacket under it just to keep my arms warm as I keep the softball book so I can’t keep them inside the sack.

    Also to note, the customer service from Stadium Sak is amazing. I called about an issue immediately placing my order, and was able to get assistance right away, talk to a real person, and my issue was resolved immediately. My sak was shipped super quickly and arrived within just a few days. Very impressed with this company!

    Kim Pearson
    So good!

    I love this thing! Can’t wait to wear it this baseball season. Great customer service!! They were quick to respond and fixed an issue.


    Absolutely grateful I bought it. Love it!

    Chapin Cynthia

    The start of HS Lacrosse season in New Jersey was like a monsoon, Rained so hard, couldn’t use an umbrella because they were turning inside out but, I was warm, dry and comfortable sitting in the bleachers watching my grandson play. The Ultimate Stadium Sak does what it said it would do. I put it on at the car and sinched it up to walk to the bleachers and when I got to the bleachers I let it down to cover and keep my legs dry and warm. Wish I purchased it sooner. Great product! Thanks!

    Rachel Ballard
    Wore it in the snow and high wind. Saved my bacon!

    I sat through a very cold baseball game complete with snow flurries and high wind. All the other moms were freezing and I was actually pretty good. I did have several layers on underneath, but the sak was a huge help. I wish the hood was a bit bigger/deeper and that the arm zippers could be accessed from inside the sak, but it is a great tool to help you stay warm. Maybe they'll make a thicker version at some point. I bought an XL so it would be long enough to wrap my feet up in too.