The Ultimate Stadium Sak

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  • Hood with a drawstring
  • Pockets for you hands and phone
  • Open bottom which allows you to walk
  • Drawstring on the bottom to allow for a shorter length
  • Zippers to allow your arms to be inside or out
  • 100% Polyester
  • Includes Compression Bag

However you choose to use the Ultimate Stadium Sak, we guarantee you will be super warm and it will put a smile on your face!

Why everyone loves our product

Sporting Events

Friends don't let friends be cold. The Ultimate Stadium Sak is the best way to stay warm so that you don't miss a play.

This is what One Customer Said:


I have finally found something that keeps me warm when watching soccer!! This is better than my heater and bundling up. I LOVE it!!"

J Corley

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This is what one customer said:

"I can't go camping without it!

I’ve taken my Sak camping the last two weekends and now I’m wondering how I got along without it! Not only did it keep me cozy and warm on chilly evenings by the campfire, but it kept the mosquitoes from biting! Blankets always left my legs exposed to cold and bugs. Now I am protected from both! I also love that it has pockets, a hood, and zips from the inside. Great product and design"

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We Give Back

We believe the Ultimate Stadium Sak is a tool to spread warmth and the love of Jesus to others.  

When you buy a Stadium Sak, you are not just buying a  product that will keep you warm; We want you to know that you are also contributing to an amazing cause through Destiny Sports Mission

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